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What Is A Woman Of Hope

2024 WOH

Women of Hope represent For The Silent by reaching out to businesses, friends and the community to spread awareness about our mission. They raise funds to enable For The Silent to educate, engage and end child sexual exploitation. 

For The Silent has worked in the East Texas community for the last sixteen years to end sex trafficking and exploitation by empowering the voices of vulnerable and exploited

youth. The Hope Gala is an annual celebration of this work and

the people who make it possible.


The HOPE  that we have the privilege to share with a world that is broken, yet looking for restoration, is the reason we wake up proud to use our voices to speak up FOR THE SILENT. 

Izzy Gentry

Why Support A Woman Of Hope

These women represent the mission to provide resources for at-risk children, trainings, therapeutic services, and most of all restoration.

Meet The Women Of Hope 2024

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