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Michelle Kenyon

I have been in Tyler for over 18 years teaching in various school systems in East Texas and working in the school photography field. Ten years ago, I answered a call to work in Children's Ministry where I was an Associate Director and then a Children's Ministry Director at 2 churches in Tyler. Currently, I have the distinct opportunity and pleasure to work for a local non-profit that empowers children and families through education and support all the while promoting strong healthy families and communities. One of my loves is the art community in Tyler. I had the opportunity to become a Docent at the Tyler Museum of Art when they had an extensive Dale Chihuly exhibit. The museum was transformed into the most glorious place. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Craig for 36 years. We have 4 children and 4 grandchildren who mean the world to us.

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A fun fact about me

I am an avid concert lover! My son and I start the summer concert season in May. Each year is a new adventure! This year we added a Broadway show into the mix. Now onto our next adventure!

Why I feel inspired to be a Woman Of Hope

As a woman of hope, I aspire to represent the silent voices in the harrowing web of sex traffic. My resolve stems from a profound empathy for those trapped in the darkest corners of exploitation, and an unwavering belief in their inherent dignity and right to freedom. Moreover, I am driven by a fervent conviction that every individual possesses an intrinsic worth and potential that must be safeguarded and nurtured. I envision a world where no person is subjected to the dehumanizing brutality of trafficking, where hope supplants despair, and where survivors are empowered to reclaim their agency and rebuild their lives. I am guided by a steadfast commitment to amplify the voices of survivors, to elevate their narratives from the shadows of silence to the forefront of public consciousness. Through education, awareness-raising, and legislative advocacy, I seek to initiate a collective response to combat trafficking, mobilizing communities and institutions to enact meaningful change. As a woman of hope, I recognize the immense responsibility inherent in this role—to serve as a beacon of resilience, compassion, and solidarity for those who have been silenced and marginalized. I am prepared to confront the formidable challenges that lie ahead, fortified by the unwavering belief that together, we can dismantle the structures of oppression and build a future of hope.

Community Involvement:

I actively participate in numerous community advisory boards advocating for early intervention in children's development, as well as those addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). Additionally, I serve on the Community Round Table for Christian Women's Job Corp, where I champion a "train to work" program. Furthermore, I contribute by facilitating mock job interviews for this organization.


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