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I am from Lawton, OK. A year prior to moving to Tyler, the first terrorist attack on America's soil took place, In Oklahoma City, The Murrah Federal Building was blown up. Though I lived 100 miles for the bomb/explosion, I could feel it shake my home. I went to the front porch. I knew it was "something". I turned on TV and learned what had happened. AMERICA came together. OKLAHOMA impressed the world with their "oneness" and call to action. We are overcomers and the world was witness to what "unity" looked like.

I moved to Tyler May 19, 1996. Though I am not an original Tylerite, I am a however huge promoter of Tyler! I have 3 daughters. My husband, Randy Garrett, has 3 daughters which has given us 20 grandchildren...and a bonus of 6 great-grands! Interests? I love people and relationshipping. I love to love people. I look inside the circle I find myself and seek to find ways to encourage the other side of me. I find myself saying "yes" to serving in the world of non-profits of Tyler. We faithfully attend CrossPointe Church, Tyler.

My husband and I sold our business, Garrett & Associates General Contractors on 7/29/2020 where I signed my name, Marcia Garrett, Owner, CFO only to wake on Saturday, 8/1/2020 to Marcia Garrett, gone! With joy, I was felt highly favored and blessed!

Today I work part-time at ReFind, a small business of collectables, previously owned, and new items. At 71 years young, I want to stay vibrant, engaged, and always learning. ReFind and its owners have been this avenue for me. Above all, I love! I choose to live with a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude. I tell my husband who found me in 2011, every woman wants to be loved like you love me. I am highly loved by my Father. I am ever so loved by my husband. My children love me as do my "grands". I am greatly and richly blessed.

Marcia Garrett

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A fun fact about me

I am 5'1" when I stand tall. I am 71 young! When I laugh, you will know where I am. My girls say, "Momma, shhhh" voice is loud! I smile 99% of the time! When young, I smoked grape vines from my grandpa's grape orchard! After rounding up the work horse, John the Baptist, I would ride him bareback! I was queen of "jacks" on a concrete floor! I was queen of tetherball on the playground of elementary school! I would rather dig a ditch than "craft"! I was flung from my grandpa's horse after letting my cousin "on front with the reigns". I broke 3 ribs, got 10 stitches and had a concussion. (She had never ridden a work horse bare back! Oops!!) When riding my bicycle back to elementary school after lunch, the pedal from my bicycle flew off. I hit the curb. My front teeth snapped...they 100% broken off! Somethings are worth the notoriety!

Why I feel inspired to be a Woman Of Hope

Upon learning of For The Silent, my heart has been moved for the work it does. I say of myself, "I am not a woman of wealth, but I am a woman compelled to be a voice for the voiceless."

Community Involvement:

Prior to 1996, I would lead in PTA's, would be the home room mom, lead in VBS, teach Sunday School, counsel at the Pregnancy Crisis Center in Abilene, TX. and because I am always smiling and a warm body, I was in the church choir of Calvary Baptist Church, Cisco, TX. For several years, I volunteered at Bethesda Health Clinic.

I served on the Board of Directors at Habitat for Humanity of Smith County for seven years.

I was chosen to attend Leadership Texas Women in 2019.

I currently serve on the Grant's Committee for Women's Fund of which I have been a member since 2010. I currently serve on the Development Committee for Leadership Tyler of which I am a graduate, Class 26.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for PATH and currently am the Board President. This service would include the duties of Governance Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee, and Facilities Committee.


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