Helping survivors reclaim their voice through empowerment programs, case management, advocacy, counseling, housing coordination, and mentorship.




For The Silent’s survivor care program directly assists victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking by providing case management, advocacy, housing coordination, and empowerment services. Our main goal is the relationship itself which has been found to help keep clients engaged with other service providers in the community, support clients to participate or remain accessible for law enforcement investigations, and, most importantly, help clients stay safe and work toward recovering their voice.

Upon receiving a call, an FTS survivor advocate provides a comprehensive trafficking assessment and an immediate crisis response. Survivors often come to us needing not only a warm meal, clothing, medical care, and emotional support but someone they can trust and depend on. We know that our timely response will be answering her questioning “Can you really help me?” and “Can I have another life?” For many survivors, the road to healing is a long term process created through consistent support and understanding. Our caring survivor staff have an understanding of the streets and know the obstacles in exiting the life. They listen without judgement and know that it is the individual’s choice to make the decision to exit exploitation.

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National Human Trafficking Hotline (24/7 Confidential)