Through prevention, survivor care, and community transformation programs — we work to end sex trafficking and exploitation by empowering the voices of vulnerable and exploited youth.


Our Vision

All youth free from commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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Our Values

We believe in giving honor and respect to every client to whom we provide services. We do not force help upon them. We believe that they have the right and liberty to choose what is best for them as we come alongside to help guide them into healthy and holistic choices.


We believe that hope is more powerful than fear. From the language we use in trainings to the imagery we display on our website, we want to paint a picture of HOPE. We believe that a message of hope creates a healthier response than a message of fear.


The privacy and confidentiality of each girl is held to the upmost importance. We will not reveal underage survivors’ identities, real names, or identifying details that could put their privacy and safety in jeopardy. We understand it is her right to decide if, when, and how she will tell her story after giving informed consent.


We must tell the true narrative of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. We believe that promoting a “Hollywood” version of trafficking using extreme or fringe stories for shock factor is actually more harmful than helpful in raising awareness. If our communities believe trafficking looks like the sensationalized stories, they will miss the reality of what’s actually happening all around them.


We focus on the individual lives of at-risk and exploited girls and will not sacrifice quality education and individualized survivor care in order to boost our numbers.


We are not the end-all. We do not want to re-invent the wheel by creating programs or services other agencies already provide. No one organization can begin to tackle the multifaceted needs of survivors and complexities of this issue. We partner with trusted best practice agencies and service providers to develop a full continuum of care for survivors.

What Others Say

The I HAVE A VOICE course has been a tremendous success for us and vital to our community due to such limited resources for agencies who work with at-risk teenagers. For the Silent is critical to our success in detecting and serving young girls in Smith County that are at risk of exploitation and we look forward to a continued partnership with them.
— Ross Worley Director - Smith Country Juvenile Services
I HAVE A VOICE  has been a powerful prevention program that has helped a number of girls in the ACE University Academy after school program.  The girls have shown through pre-test and post-test that they graduate from the program knowing more about human trafficking than when they started.  We have had students who have confided they were in a bad situation and were able to be rescued, as well as others that expressed being able to recognize and avoid bad situations.  Most importantly, the students finish the program feeling more confident, knowledgeable and empowered.
— Jenn Evans, M. Ed - Site Coord., ACE After-School Program
The I HAVE A VOICE program is a great tool to allow Law Enforcement to step into a non-stressful environment and speak to young girls. The ability to reach out to at-risk youth and show them warning signs of trafficking is key. I believe this program is a model for programs that should be in place in ALL schools. Thank you, For The Silent, for stepping out and seeing the need to teach sex trafficking prevention and awareness to our children who are at risk every day!
— Officer Jeff Roberts - Tyler Police Department
For the Silent does an outstanding job of educating the public, working with at risk girls in local jails and detention centers. They are definitely an organization that stands out and is a lantern to the victims of human trafficking.
— Officer Kristie Brian - Longview PD
FTS is an amazing program that builds powerful relationships with young girls and helps them to see and flee from the dangers of sex trafficking in our area. Furthermore, FTS helps to instill a strong sense of value and self worth in the girls they work with.
— Melissa Kimbrough - Moore Middle School
FTS worked in close partnership with federal and local authorities in assisting with the very first human trafficking prosecution in our community. Through their shared information and intelligence, federal prosecutors were able to secure a conviction on (name redacted) for a sentence of 23 years federal confinement. FTS has been instrumental in providing a unique perspective concerning trafficking victims to the Smith County District Attorney’s Office.
— Taylor Heaton - Assistant District Attorney

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A Brief History

For The Silent (FTS) was founded in 2007 in response to the sobering issue of sex trafficking and exploitation in Asia. During the first three years of operation, FTS assisted anti-trafficking organizations in Thailand and Cambodia through project-based fundraising efforts —  funding projects in Asia which continue to operate and serve trafficking victims today. 

In 2010, FTS shifted its focus to the U.S. and started street outreach to key areas where trafficking victims are commonly located, such as strip clubs, motels, juvenile detention centers, and online. After realizing the prevalence of the issue in East Texas, FTS developed a crisis intervention program for victims and prevention education program for high risk youth. FTS works hand in hand with juvenile justice departments, law enforcement, and middle schools in East Texas to educate, empower, and mentor girls who are high risk for or have already experienced exploitation, giving them the tools they need to leave exploitive situations.