Here's what it's like to work at FTS:

Some days are exciting. You get a call that changes everything. Months of work pay off, and you burst into joyful tears. Someone's life was changed. Vulnerability protected; restoration begun; justice assisted.

Not every day is like that.  You might make a hundred calls that don't seem to change anything. You do office work; you sit in long meetings. You explain things to people who sometimes don't want to listen. You get a call you've gotten before, and you can't do anything about it. You get frustrated. Someone notices and encourages you to take a break, to take a walk. You do and you feel a little better but there's still this mountain that needs moving and all you can do is press your shoulder against it and pray. Day after day after day. Until one day... something finally moves.

And then you do it all over again.

This is what important work looks like. It looks like trying the same thing a hundred times. Like not getting a win every day, but celebrating the wins that come, because it's not a game played but a life changed. It looks like nothing but endless work in the moment, and only like lives changed when you look back.

At For the Silent, you'll be working at the forefront of the anti-trafficking movement in Texas. We've been building victim-centered and trauma-informed services and programs since 2007. We've built a reputation for excellence and care. Our devoted staff care as much for each other as for our clients; we have frameworks in place for self-care, wellness, and support so we can all keep fighting for vulnerable and exploited youth every single day.


We are Currently hiring the following position:

Grant-paid, full-time position